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How to Bustle your Wedding Gown


You have found the perfect wedding gown with the beautiful train  and you will look stunning as you walk down the aisle , but after the ceremony , how do you keep the train from becoming a challenge throughout the entire reception. Having the right type of bustle for your dress style depends on a few factors. First, you must  consider the style of the dress and is there something special on the train of the dress that you  want to showcase even when the dress is bustled. You must also consider the  weight of the fabric of the dress, so that the bustle will  stay in place, as you dance.  Here are a few of the traditional looks in bustles:
over bustle for wedding gowns resized 600The over-bustle is the simplest of all bustles, the train is picked up at one or three points and either with a  small thread loop  it is buttoned to the bottom of the bodice of the dress or a hook is sew in a not so obvious place to receive the loop.   This over-bustle is the least secure and can easily come undone.

under bustle for a wedding gown resized 600Then there is the under-bustle, it is very much the same as the over-bustle but the fabric is tucked under and instead of the hook and loop ,  the seamstress will use ties to bring two points together on the train to create the tuck. Depending on the style of the dress and the lenght of the train will detemine the number of ties that will be needed for the proper look. This bustle is also referred to as a french-bustle. Your dress may need two or three tiers of tucks to bring all of the train to floor lenght.  If more than three ties are used the seamstress will color code the ties so that bustling the dress will be as simple as matching the colors or numbers on the strings.

French Bustle resized 600




Another very interesting way to bustle your dress is the ballroom -bustle. There is a lot of drama with this bustle and it will be ideal for a heavy weight fabric. This bustle is a different version of the over-bustle, the difference being that the train is secured  at several points along the bodice of the dress to give you a pronouced behind.ballroom bustle resized 600

Finally, let's look at the  Austrian-bustle which  you can consider for a light weight  fabric. This type of bustle is time consuming to have a seamstress make  and therfore more costly. This type of bustle  is constructed in a similar fashion to a  window shade construction. When the strings are pulled together it lifts the train and gathers along the string, bringing the train to floor lenght.

Austrian Bustle wedding gown resized 600 

You may find with the help of your seamstress a combination of bustles to create an unique look, the possibilities are endless. Do spend some time thinking about your bustle  before you start your alterations so that  the end result is the perfect look.



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